CV. AGRO MEGA is a company engaged in the trading of agricultural products, providing various kinds of agricultural products including cloves, pepper, cashew, nutmeg, and others. We work in the field of sales and purchases of various types of Indonesian commodities for 18 years.

We initially only made local sales in Indonesia, then in 2015 our company expanded to sell agricultural products abroad, such as India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Morocco and many more. We started everything from small warehouses to the present large warehouses.

CV. AGRO MEGA always emphasizes the supply of quality commodity goods, so we are ready to carry out long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation by providing the best service, optimal in maintaining trust and satisfaction to fulfill the procurement of goods needed by customers for domestic and international markets . Our current commodities include cashew, chocolate, pepper, nutmeg, cloves and copra. We welcome buyers from all over the world who intend to establish a contract based on a contract to sell Indonesia's best commodities.

Become a commodity company that distributes produce that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction in local and international markets

1. Providing quality products for consumer needs
2. Providing the best service, quality products and prioritizing customer satisfaction with
3. Expanding marketing networks both domestically and internationally

Serve you the best quality of spices and herbs

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