Buah Pinang

Areca nut is a type of palm that grows in the Pacific, Asia and eastern Africa. Areca nut is also the name of the fruit traded by people. In English it is known as Betel palm or Betel nut tree, and the scientific name is Areca catechu.

This seed is known as a mixture of people eating betel, in addition to gambir and lime. Traditionally, betel seeds are used in herbs to treat dysentery, bloody diarrhea, and scabies. This seed is also used as a producer of red dye and tanneries.   Indonesia is the fifth largest producer of betel nuts in the world after India, Taiwan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. As reported by the Food Agriculture Organization, the production of Pinang Indonesia with the latest data in 2014 was recorded at 46.9 thousand tons. There are at least 14 provinces in Indonesia that produce areca nuts.

CV. AGRO MEGA produces betel commodity which is no less quality than other regions in Indonesia, because it is supported by its location.

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